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Testimonial: Refraction Cycle

This review of Refraction Cycle by an early reader just hit the inbox, and I couldn’t possibly be more honored and humbled by his words. I am glad that my work resonated so profoundly.

“Cleverly crafted and emotionally raw, Christopher Capri’s Refraction Cycle is a complex but necessary journey through abuse, discovery, and self-acceptance. Capri produces vivid memories that make the reader feel as if they witnessed these experiences alongside him. The puzzles he creates with his ingenious wordplay provoke thought and intense emotion. A few standouts are his skillfully constructed sonnet “Bark”, the story of a gay boy’s need to find solace from his terrorizing household, “Hell Street”, a grocery list of disturbing offenses told in ironically charming tercets, and “Heredity”, the darkest poem in the cycle that haunts me still. For anyone who has experienced emotional torture, the inner struggles of being queer, or just looking to read some damned good poetry, Refraction Cycle is the place to go. Capri is an excellent poet, and I wait, with bated breath, for his next publication.” Darién Mayfair

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