Run Through the Tape

While it isn’t quite that literal, and really more of a mile-marker than a finish line, I’m feeling an incredible sense of accomplishment in completing and sending out my MFA program application packet yesterday. There’s still getting accepted, sorting out the financials, and, of course, completing the program. Then there’s publication, etc. Now that IContinue reading “Run Through the Tape”

Irreverent Elocutions Episode 05

Irreverent Elocutions: Bibliophilic Besties Banter 05. Short Take: Updates, Cinderella, and Size Does Matter In this Short Takes episode, we catch up on our reading adventures, achieve unintentional hilarity, and lay out how we rate books.

Weekend Workhorse

Sometimes it is the smallest thing that can cause a breakthrough. This weekend, I had a minor epiphany regarding a turn of phrase I had been struggling with for “Ophelius Arrested” and suddenly I was thrown into the creative effluvium vortex. As per my process, I got my chicken scratch version down. From there, IContinue reading “Weekend Workhorse”

Irreverent Elocutions Episode 04

Irreverent Elocutions: Bibliophilic Besties Banter 04. We Go Off the Leash The fourth episode brings our listeners a story about Chris’ neighbor’s odd behavior, our “Currently Reading” highs and lows, tips on how to write in the shower, Carlos fan-boying, Chris going on an oratorical rant, and discovering new listeners.


So, I don’t experience writer’s block. That’s not bragging, I just approach it differently. If I’m in a writing mode, but I’m not feeling the juju for the project I’m supposed to be working on, I just write, well, anything else. Writing is never a waste, even if the words don’t end up in theContinue reading “Roadblocks”

Outtake: Bark

“Bark” is one of the poems featured in Refraction Cycle. This time, I thought I’d try something different and create a brief video explaining the origin of the poem, and then a reading of it. The photo the poem is based on is following the video. Enjoy!


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