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“Midsummer Night” in Drip Literary Magazine

I had been planning to come here and grump about getting this site shaped up, and to complain about school assignments I don’t like, and to vent about how frustrating it is to reformat your computer and have to reinstall everything and get all your files and settings just so again.  I could have whined about how just so far, this June is more wet, gloomy, damp, and rainy than all of March and April, and it is making my joints hurt and my mood equally grey.  It would have been easy to carp about how dumb it is that it is so difficult to find a good writing critique group that I jive with.

But instead, I get to come and let you all know that one of my sonnets, “Midsummer Night” has been published in Drip Literary Magazine.  It is rather a nice feeling, since I had a very long spell of not attempting publication.  The few months of submitting and getting rejections before this acceptance felt both incredibly long and oddly quick.  Hopefully one will lead to the next.

I can complain any day, today I’m going to enjoy having good news to share.

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