Irreverent Elocutions Episode 04

Irreverent Elocutions: Bibliophilic Besties Banter 04. We Go Off the Leash The fourth episode brings our listeners a story about Chris’ neighbor’s odd behavior, our “Currently Reading” highs and lows, tips on how to write in the shower, Carlos fan-boying, Chris going on an oratorical rant, and discovering new listeners.

Irreverent Elocutions Episode 03

Irreverent Elocutions: Bibliophilic Besties Banter 03. In Which the Landscapers Screw Us Up In our third episode, the landscapers majorly disrupt recording, we take some listener questions, we go on elocution safari in defense of genre fiction, and we wax poetic about our Susans.

You’ll Be Needing Stitches

So yea. I don’t know what to write about right now. I’m a total frazzle for reasons that are not domestically wise to address here, on top of the whole MFA application thing, which involves epic levels of writing and hand-wringing, and subjective scrutiny. But here we are. What I am focusing on right nowContinue reading “You’ll Be Needing Stitches”

Irreverent Elocutions Episode 02

Irreverent Elocutions: Bibliophilic Besties Banter 02. The One Where We Bury George Martin In this episode, we start out with a little Q&A back and forth, but quickly devolve into burying some prominent authors we have problems with and getting onto social soapboxes. Also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you enjoy listeningContinue reading “Irreverent Elocutions Episode 02”

Review: Fog, Jeff Mann

Jeff Mann, Fog. In yet another example of the universe having a plan for things, I came to Fog through a circuitous route. I had purchased and read Jeff Mann’s poetry collection, Bones Washed With Wine, years ago when I was in a particular theme of poetry by gay writers who didn’t shy away fromContinue reading “Review: Fog, Jeff Mann”

Review: Worth It Series, Peter Styles

Peter Styles. Worth Trying, Worth His Salt, Worth Wanting, Worth the Payne, Worth a Shot. So, I’ve read rather a lot of this author’s books. There was a time when I used to routinely check for new releases. For a while there seemed to be a lapse, and I stopped checking. This week, I foundContinue reading “Review: Worth It Series, Peter Styles”