Run Through the Tape

While it isn’t quite that literal, and really more of a mile-marker than a finish line, I’m feeling an incredible sense of accomplishment in completing and sending out my MFA program application packet yesterday. There’s still getting accepted, sorting out the financials, and, of course, completing the program. Then there’s publication, etc. Now that IContinue reading “Run Through the Tape”


So, I don’t experience writer’s block. That’s not bragging, I just approach it differently. If I’m in a writing mode, but I’m not feeling the juju for the project I’m supposed to be working on, I just write, well, anything else. Writing is never a waste, even if the words don’t end up in theContinue reading “Roadblocks”

Monday Musings

Anyone who knows me in the slightest is aware of just how abhorrent I find marketing myself. Even in my Fiber Artist role, I’m much more comfortable talking about projects than trying to sell something. And since being inauthentic never really pays off, I probably won’t be trying to sell anything here, either. So, let’sContinue reading “Monday Musings”