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Integrated approach focuses on learning by doing which helps to create cognitive capacity and resourcefulness to make the child curious about social phenomena starting with the family and moving on to wider spaces. The nature of  integrated  approach is to engage the child in exploratory and hands-on activities which helps the learner to  acquire basic cognitive and psychomotor skills through observation, classification, inference, etc.

In this process of learning a variety of topics children will develop other skills of  communication, problem solving , critical and logical thinking.

The dispositions that come in hand after mastering a lot of skills from vast knowledge acquired through EVS curriculum are thinking flexibly, creating data through all senses and creating, imagining and innovating.

Environmental studies is one of the most important  subject taught in primary classes. The main aim is to develop awareness, be sensitized, to connect, and appreciate  the physical, social and biological environment. It inculcates habits, values, emotions and attitudes required to maintain and promote a quality environment for the sustainable environment. In Grade I & II topics of Teaching of language and mathematics are woven around the child’s immediate environment. EVS is taught as a separate subject  in schools from Grade III to V. The subject works upon common themes which are repeated with new knowledge added in each grade.


A major shift in our thinking of education as a process of ‘learning’ rather than ‘teaching’, and, going even further, of involvement in the active generation of knowledge. Our children become aware of the real life world which constitutes everything that we look around in our everyday environment. After we become aware of our surroundings, the next step is to analyze, evaluate and draw inferences about the problem and concerns in the environment for having a solution for sustainability. The understanding of co-existence with the other elements (natural, social and cultural) is brought upon into knowledge  through Environmnetal studies. To engage children in exploratory and hands-on experience. Such activities will help children to develop their cognitive skills, skills of observation and measurement, collection of information and its processing, creative expression,etc. To nurture curiosity and creativity in each child. Building capacity for problem solving and critical thinking. 


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