Irreverent Elocutions Episode 02

Irreverent Elocutions: Bibliophilic Besties Banter 02. The One Where We Bury George Martin In this episode, we start out with a little Q&A back and forth, but quickly devolve into burying some prominent authors we have problems with and getting onto social soapboxes. Also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you enjoy listeningContinue reading “Irreverent Elocutions Episode 02”

Fixed Form Poems

I’ve occasion to need a few new poems in relatively short time. I’ve found that when there is a time crunch, having the help of the rules of a fixed form help me reign in all the wild options that my brain immediately spins out of control with. Though sonnets, pantoums and villanelles are go-tosContinue reading “Fixed Form Poems”

Testimonial: Refraction Cycle

This review of Refraction Cycle by an early reader just hit the inbox, and I couldn’t possibly be more honored and humbled by his words. I am glad that my work resonated so profoundly. “Cleverly crafted and emotionally raw, Christopher Capri‚Äôs Refraction Cycle is a complex but necessary journey through abuse, discovery, and self-acceptance. CapriContinue reading “Testimonial: Refraction Cycle”

Review: Fog, Jeff Mann

Jeff Mann, Fog. In yet another example of the universe having a plan for things, I came to Fog through a circuitous route. I had purchased and read Jeff Mann’s poetry collection, Bones Washed With Wine, years ago when I was in a particular theme of poetry by gay writers who didn’t shy away fromContinue reading “Review: Fog, Jeff Mann”

Dirling Whervish

The last week has felt fairly nutso. Trying to break out of my rut of stagnation has been challenged by a number of things. Physical therapy for my knee resulted in some excessive bruising, swelling and soreness. I’ve also had that tingly/scratchy/electric feeling behind my eyes and in the back of my sinuses which hasContinue reading “Dirling Whervish”

Don’t Fuck Over The Gays For A Plot

Now, I have a lot of strong opinions regarding the differences in the experience as a gay man reading M/M romance written by a straight woman versus a gay man, and I am planning an in-depth post on that when I have the time and wherewithal to articulate myself sufficiently mindfully. But I am compelledContinue reading “Don’t Fuck Over The Gays For A Plot”

Outtake: Mindless

While working on Refraction Cycle, I wanted to include a variety of free-form and fixed-form poems, and while the rules of things like the Spenserian sonnet are second nature, things like the pantoum and villanelle took some practice. I’ve also learned that practicing and experimenting with the actual material I intend for the poem isContinue reading “Outtake: Mindless”

Review: Worth It Series, Peter Styles

Peter Styles. Worth Trying, Worth His Salt, Worth Wanting, Worth the Payne, Worth a Shot. So, I’ve read rather a lot of this author’s books. There was a time when I used to routinely check for new releases. For a while there seemed to be a lapse, and I stopped checking. This week, I foundContinue reading “Review: Worth It Series, Peter Styles”


I’m thinking it may be the one unifying experience of living in the United States right now, no matter what your politics or beliefs, this pandemic has changed how we experience our lives. Between preexisting anxiety and depression and all the fear and uncertainty surrounding Covid, I’ve probably succumbed more to the isolation than most.Continue reading “Procrastiknitting”