Run Through the Tape

While it isn’t quite that literal, and really more of a mile-marker than a finish line, I’m feeling an incredible sense of accomplishment in completing and sending out my MFA program application packet yesterday. There’s still getting accepted, sorting out the financials, and, of course, completing the program. Then there’s publication, etc. Now that IContinue reading “Run Through the Tape”

Testimonial: Refraction Cycle

This review of Refraction Cycle came in from one of my poetry mentors. I appreciate the kind words more than I can say. “Christopher’s poetry is compelling and brave. He pushes the edge of conventional boundaries and writes about sensitive subjects with finesse. His formal, free-verse and prose poems coalesced to an outstanding collection whichContinue reading “Testimonial: Refraction Cycle”

Irreverent Elocutions Episode 04

Irreverent Elocutions: Bibliophilic Besties Banter 04. We Go Off the Leash The fourth episode brings our listeners a story about Chris’ neighbor’s odd behavior, our “Currently Reading” highs and lows, tips on how to write in the shower, Carlos fan-boying, Chris going on an oratorical rant, and discovering new listeners.


So, I don’t experience writer’s block. That’s not bragging, I just approach it differently. If I’m in a writing mode, but I’m not feeling the juju for the project I’m supposed to be working on, I just write, well, anything else. Writing is never a waste, even if the words don’t end up in theContinue reading “Roadblocks”

Progress in the Works

I thought I’d talk a bit about my process for crafting a new poem, since, well, I’m right in the middle of it. Nearly always, my poems begin with a nebulous thematic concept, or a particular word or phrase which I wish to feature, or both. Next, I settle on a form which will bestContinue reading “Progress in the Works”

Irreverent Elocutions Episode 03

Irreverent Elocutions: Bibliophilic Besties Banter 03. In Which the Landscapers Screw Us Up In our third episode, the landscapers majorly disrupt recording, we take some listener questions, we go on elocution safari in defense of genre fiction, and we wax poetic about our Susans.

You’ll Be Needing Stitches

So yea. I don’t know what to write about right now. I’m a total frazzle for reasons that are not domestically wise to address here, on top of the whole MFA application thing, which involves epic levels of writing and hand-wringing, and subjective scrutiny. But here we are. What I am focusing on right nowContinue reading “You’ll Be Needing Stitches”